About Us

   Opened in 2009 by chef Harley MacIntyre, this hole-in-the-wall gem has been pumping out the tastiest BBQ you’ve ever eaten. Honing his skills as a French-trained chef, MacIntyre puts his own unique twists on all the food he creates in his tiny kitchen.
     Located in the London Mall at Oxford and Wonderland, better- known as the Sears Outlet Mall, this restaurant specializes in Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Beef Brisket sandwiches and other BBQ delights. Shmokey’s takes the “Low and Slow” philosophy seriously. After a rub with a special blend of spices, all the meat is smoked for 20 hours to ensure it’s as tender and juicy as possible. Covered in house-made sauces, these meals are big, messy, and mean business.
     Everything you eat at Shmokey’s is made in-house. From the ‘slaw dressing for the local cabbage coleslaw to the spicy-goodness of “Shmokey’s Heat” hot sauce, these guys make everything themselves.
     Serving Steam Whistle Pilsner exclusively on tap, you can enjoy a drink or two with your meal. Alcohol not what you’re looking for? How about Coca-Cola in the classic glass bottles to go with the BBQ theme.
     Come for the food, stay for the entertaining staff, and then come back again for the food because you’ll be addicted. We believe in big portions, big smiles and big messes. If you don’t end up wearing part of your meal, you didn’t eat it right.